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      About Vadas
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      Vadas International Co., Ltd. is an industrial leading hybrid distributor of electronic components, which is committed to provide comprehensive electronic components supply chain solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Brand Manufacturers (OBM), Contract Manufactures, Electronic Manufacturer Service (EMS) providers and Design Houses.

      We provide products and services over all areas of the electronics industry, including: Consumer Electronics, Computers and Peripherals, Communications, Industrial Control, Automotive Electronics, Security, Power Supply, New Energy, Medical Equipment, etc.. We also provide service such as Spot Buy, BOM Kitting, Excess Stock Liquidation, PPV projects and other Value Added Services. At the meantime, as the Authorized Distributor for SEI and Unigen, we provide technical supports and solutions for full range of resistive products as well as memory, wireless module products, etc., from Design In, Sample Run, Pilot Run to Mass Production for new projects.

      Our most valuable treasure is the Sunny, Professional and Passionate service team. Global ‘7- Days-24-Hours’ service is not only a slogan, but our commitment to every distinguished customer. The industry of Electronic Components Distribution is full of changes and challenges, we never slack in any detail of the supply chain; our dedicated and responsible service spirits as well as active and diligent working attitude are the only reason for our “Best Supplier” award given by customers.

      Every day, we manage millions of line items from more than 5000 business partners in over 40 countries through our company’s database; we have close business contacts and share information with big manufacturers and agents from the United States, Germany, Finland, Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the mainland China; We perform real-time interaction with the industry news organizations, such as Global Sources, EE Times, Electronic Buyer’s News, to obtain the most valuable market information; we also posses: worldwide logistics network for accurate and quick logistics service; ISO9001:2008 certification of quality management for the arrival of “Zero Defect” goods; state-of-the-art anti-static constant temperature and humidity storage environment to ensure the safe storage of goods and the timely shipping to meet customer demands.

      This is Vadas, your most trustworthy supplier of electronic components.

      Copyright © Vadas International Ltd. All rights reserved. About Vadas | Products | Services | Quality
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