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      Corporate Culture
      Corporate Culture
      Corporate Culture You Are Now in: Home - Corporate Culture

      In Vadas International Co., Ltd, we believe that the long-term, healthy and rapid growth of the company can only result from a win-win-win relationship among clients, staffs and share holders.

      Clients: All the internal procedures designed in Vadas International Co., Ltd. is oriented to the demands of clients and Vadas is committed to provide our clients with the most professional and rapid service.

      Staffs: Staffs are the company's most valuable treasure. Vadas International Co., Ltd. respect hardworking and self-motivated staffs, and is willing to share with them the benefits of the company’s growth.

      Shareholders: Our vision is to achieve the maximum of shareholders’ value based on the long-term and healthy development of the company.

      Social Responsibilities and Environmental Protection Philosophy:

      Vadas International Co., Ltd. hold the view to shoulder that the social responsibilities oriented to the benefits of clients, staffs and shareholders. All the products from Vadas meet RoHS requirements for environmental protection. The company and employees actively participate in various charitable and public service activities to perform our social duty.

      Company’s Core Vocabulary: Integrity

      We adhere to the business ethics of integrity and show integrity to our customers, suppliers and staffs. Integrity is highly emphasized in the internal management training of the company and we also hope our staffs with high-quality can create the maximum business value for the company, clients and suppliers.

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