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      About Vadas
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      With a strong financial background from Hong Kong, the company can meet the financial support requirements from large-scale international enterprises for suppliers and also effectively achieve rapid expansion in domestic as well as international markets.

      Vadas International Co., Ltd. is able to provide a checkout period of over 30 days for well-known electronic enterprises.

      Business Reputation
      Vadas International Co., Ltd. can provide trade reference for you to check our business reputation in the electronic business industry, including:

      • Well-known franchised distributors and manufacturers from Europe, the U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong giving us Net 30 payment terms
      • World-renowned electronic manufacturers purchasing from Vadas, and offered with financial supports with Net 30 payment terms
      • Traders from all over the world cooperating with Vadas by prepayment, and offered with quick and safe supply services
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