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      International Sales Representative

      Position Summary:
      As a Sales Representative on our Sales Team, you are required to:

      • Utilize your exceptional communications skills to work with a list of existing customer accounts, as well as prospect for buyers of semiconductors, passive electronic components and/or computer peripherals.
      • Research customer needs and make cold calls to prospective customers to advertise Vadas's products and services
      • Effectively communicate with our purchasing representatives and negotiate pricing with customers.
      • Match available inventory to customer needs

      Position Requirements:

      • Bachelor's degree with 1-3 years related experience or the equivalent in training and experience. Highly preferred: Graduates from top 25 Chinese Universities with Major in Science, Engineering, English or International Trade.
      • Self-motivated, loyal, responsive, smart and sales-oriented team player.
      • Good command of oral and written English, strong negotiating and interpersonal skills, aggressive sales personality capable of achieving significant quantitative results.
      • Highly preferred: the ability to interact with and support external customers, to think clearly under pressure as well as "outside of the box" and to develop senior level business relationships.
      • Highly preferred: Individual who is currently working in the broker market and able to bring existing customers to the table, as well as grow new business.

      Working Locations: Shanghai;


      • Interesting and challenging work with great opportunities for development within a supportive, flexible and open company culture.
      • High annual income base on your performance, possibly up to US$60,000.
      • Hospitalization insurance and social insurance
      • Retirement plan as regulated by the government
      • Up to 15 days Annual Leave applicable
      • The opportunity to be a PARTNER & SHAREHOLDER
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