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      Product Manager

      Position Summary:
      As a Product Manager on our Sales Team, you are required to:

      • Research the market of our franchised product lines
      • Promote our franchised line items to end users
      • Analyze the global trends of electronic components and develop new authorized product lines for the company
      • Monitor the sales of franchised product lines, work out the strategy of market promotion, train and lead the sales team to achieve customer orders

      Position Requirements:

      • Bachelor's degree with 1-3 years related experience, or the equivalent in training and experience. Highly preferred: experience in semiconductor product line management, or experience in IC manufacturers, or Product Manager of franchised distributors
      • Must be self-motivated, loyal, discreet and sales-oriented team player.
      • Must be able to work under pressure, have strong communications skills and good command of both oral and written English.
      • Highly preferred: an individual who is keen on vendor relationship management, intelligent in electronics market trends, risk cautious and well control of product lines
      • Highly preferred: an individual who has source to gain Memory products, well understanding the market of Mobile Phone, Net Book, LCD TV etc.

      Working Locations: Shanghai


      • Interesting and challenging work with great opportunities for development within a supportive, flexible and open company culture.
      • High annual income base on your performance, possibly up to US$40,000.
      • Hospitalization insurance and social insurance
      • Retirement plan as regulated by the government
      • Up to 15 days Annual Leave applicable
      • The opportunity to be a PARTNER & SHAREHOLDER
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