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      Operation Assistant – Part Time


      • Form 5 HKCEE or above
      • At least 2 years clerical experience
      • Excellent communication skill, fluent in both written / spoken Cantonese, English & Mandarin
      • Good computer knowledge
      • Strong time management, team player and communication skill
      • Responsibilities, hardworking, able to work independently & under pressure
      • Immediate availability preferred


      • General clerical work
      • Dispatch & shipment handling
      • Assisting quality checking & packing
      • Outdoor duties if required

      General Terms and Conditions:

      • Part time & temporary
      • Every Monday & Friday (excluding General Holidays of HKSAR)
      • 8- hour per day (09:30 - 18:30)
      • HK$250-400 / day (no overtime allowance)
      • Performance bonus

      Location: Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

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