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      Welcome To VadasJob Listing
      Welcome To Vadas You Are Now in: Home - CAREERS - Welcome To Vadas

      We respect and cherish each choice of our staffs. As a service provider in the electronics industry, the core competitive edge of Vadas international comes from the professional service spirits of our intelligent and diligent staffs, which is our most valuable treasure.

      Business ethics is a core value of Vadas International and we treat customers and staffs with the same business ethical standards. We warmly welcome employees of high morals and qualities to join us, for we recognized that only staffs of this kind can provide customers with the most professional business service and bring a everlasting maximum value contribution to the company.

      Outstanding employees have the opportunity to become a partner of Vadas International, share the company's overall earnings and actively participate in developing new businesses for the company, therefore becoming the discoverer and leader of new business opportunities in the industry. Vadas International provides a certain development space for staffs with innovation and execution forces and effective forces of leadership.

      To grow with our cherished outstanding staffs and share with them our experience and benefits is the pursuit of Vadas International.

      A happy, sharing, growing, and open office environment is the best choice we provide to you!

      Welcome to join Vadas!

      Contact Information::
          Anita Jiang
          Manager of Human Resources
          Tel: 86-0755-33376178

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