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      About Vadas
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      Vadas International Co., Ltd. is able to provide a much better established global distribution network than other electronic components distributors.

      We not only have close contact with international logistics companies such as FEDEX, DHL, UPS etc., but also cooperate with well-renowned logistics companies in the Asian-Pacific area and the Greater China region, such as Jinhui, Jiuru, Shunfeng, etc., to provide customers with the most flexible and quickest logistics service.

      Meanwhile, at the company's headquarters in Hong Kong, our professional logistics team can ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods.
      We provide logistics services including but not limited to:

      • 3-days delivery from the U.S. to Asia
      • 2-days delivery from Europe to Asia
      • 1-day delivery in Asia and Greater China region
      • China region delivery with VAT

      Our comprehensive and professional logistics department can provide you with satisfactory logistics solutions to any of your demands. We set up files in system for all clients, storing detailed information of their demands on product identification, packaging rules, shipping documents, address, etc., and provide them with the most comprehensive logistics solutions.

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