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      Supplier Base Management You Are Now in: Home - Quality - Supplier Base Management

      Vadas International implements ISO9001:2008 management system standards and strictly audit each supplier. Nowadays we have a large supplier grating system, including the detailed information of the existing over 5000 suppliers and the system will audit all the suppliers and make the strict grading quarterly.

      • Tier 1 Supplier
        Agents, authorized distributors, manufacturers
      • Tier 2
        OEM, ODM, EMS factories
      • Tier 3
        Suppliers with an annual turnover of $ 50M or more and with third-party certification , such as ERAI, IDEA, ISO etc.
      • Tier 4
        Suppliers with an annual turnover of more than $ 20M and more than 10 years experience in components supply industry
      • Tier 5
        Other suppliers (including new suppliers)
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