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      Quality Control Procedures You Are Now in: Home - Quality - Quality Control Procedures

      The strict quality inspection process is the core part of Vadas international's quality control system. In order to meet customer demands of "Reassuring Purchasing and Using" of the products, we develop detailed inspection processes to ensure effective and efficient implementation. We have advanced testing processes, professional testing equipments, experienced IQC engineers, which are the most important factors; professional and responsible working attitude, which can ensure our customers of world-class quality goods.

      Step 1 - Appearance Inspection
      We perform appearance inspection to all the warehouse goods and make detailed inspection records.

      • Manufacturers, manufacturers part numbers, quantity, date code and RoHS
      • Packaging inspection: whether the packaging is intact/ complete, in compliance with the corresponding standards of MSL
      • Marking inspection, consistency inspection, the original specifications and documentation check
      • Material appearance inspection, dust conditions, whether the pin is deformed, whether the pin shows signs of oxidation
      • HS CODE inspection, whether the invoice/packing list information is the same

      Step 2 - Engineers to Re-examination
      All the doubt-raising materials in the Appearance Inspection as well as materials provided by non-Tier 1 suppliers in the system should be re-examined by engineers.

      • Review Appearance Inspection process
      • Check the manufacturers label/marking and coding logo with reference to the quality control database
      • Barcode scanning inspection
      • Check with the original factory lot number, batch number, date code, and related wafer/packaging origins
      • Sample electrical performance test

      Step 3 - Quality Testing
      All the unidentified goods in the Engineer Re-examination process will undergo the quality testing process.

      • Solderability testing
      • D-CAP analysis
      • Dissection analysis
      • Electrical performance consistency testing
      • Manufacturer test and analysis report
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