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      Market Analysis:
      The electronic manufacturing services industry today is a fully competitive market, in which procurement of materials at standard cost usually can only bring a gross margin of 5%-10% to the service factories.

      How to reduce procurement cost:

      • Vadas International Co., Ltd. provides procurement-cost-reducing services and offer lower prices, which can handle the problems of components with large quantities and high prices. With a global sourcing network of over 5000 suppliers and a great capacity of mastering major electronic components, Vadas International can help our clients with rapid and efficient access to potential resources around the world, and thus reduce procurement costs.
      • As we all know, in electronic components distribution and procurement industry, the prices of components usually depends on the amount of procurement. Vadas International possesses abundant business resources for the integration of customer needs and centralized purchasing. Meanwhile, as for the regional prices differences all over the world, our powerful information platform can help us quickly find low prices.
      • Joint procurement with the global large EMS, Vadas International enjoys the original direct delivery priority and bargaining right, therefore can maintain a stable supply even in material shortage circumstances.
      • Based on FROECAST provided by customers, Vadas International also can provide long-term partners with stocking programs, lower prices from mass purchasing as well as addressing issues of customer needs changing.
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