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      Market Analysis:
      In the era of Internet-based information explosion, the biggest features of electronics industry are flexibility, rapidity and versatility. In order to meet the demands of different customers, diversified supplies for electronic components have been a problem facing all manufacturers, and at the meantime, some world-known BOM Kitting and catalogue distribution suppliers emerged.

      Reasons to choose Vadas International:

      • Integration of BOM from different clients, packaged purchasing for a lower price
      • Global "7 Days -24 Hours" service, flexible and rapid disposal of your demands, saving procurement time
      • Quick and safe logistics service that can save you logistics costs
      • Professional marketing and sourcing team to provide you with more purchasing advice, comprehensive integration of BOM procurement
      • Comprehensive financial support, making you free of pay-in-cash procedure troubles when making small-lot procurement
      • Strict QC inspection, ensuring you to satisfactory procurement of any of your demands
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