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      Excess Liquidation You Are Now in: Home - Services - Excess Liquidation

      Market Analysis:
      Electronic industry is changing and improving all the time. Customers’ changing needs for new products often result in a large amount of inventory or disposed components for manufacturers. Rapid and effective disposal of slow moving stock has become an indispensable means of revitalizing enterprise capital and increase enterprise competitive advantages.

      Choosing Vadas as Your Excess Liquidation Service Provider -- Our Advantages:

      • Global client platform to quickly find the most suitable buyer for your excess stock
      • Powerful database management platform to rapidly provide the potential market need analysis for each item in your slow moving stock
      • Fast and safe logistics platform to complete customers' domestic and international warehouse stock transfer within the shortest period of time
      • The latest and real-time information platform to optimize the returned values

      Excess Liquidation Programs Provided by Vadas International

      • Package Disposal Program:
        This program of Vadas International is specialized in quick recovery of the stock. We can provide customers with the most detailed sub-item assessment as well as an overall assessment, analyzing their largest recovery value on the spot market, buy the stock with the agreed price, which can reduce stock, transport and loss costs for the customers and help them to obtain the recovery value.
      • Inventory Consignment Program
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