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      Vadas International joins forces to create "One-Stop Independent Distributor" to provide a multi-directional procurement services, including:

      • Taping and Reeling Service
        In order to meet customers' demands for SMT lines, Vadas International provides the service of re-taping for the bulk or tube packing materials.
      • Function Testing Service
        Vadas International has close contact with many international well-known third-party testing authorities and can provide customers with component function testing services, ranging from chip package testing to RoHS compliance testing, from de-cap Analysis to function testing, including all kinds of component performance-related testing services.
      • Drying and Vacuum Packaging Service
        Vadas International can provide customers with drying and vacuum packaging services of the moisture sensitive elements in order to meet customers’ requirements for production and quality control.
      • Cross Part Recommendation Service
        Senior technical engineers from Vadas International can provide one-stop supply and recommend cross part to customers, including product part numbers, specifications, and engineering samples.
      • Logistics Service
        Vadas International can provide customers with a variety of logistics service supports, including supports of the global express, warehousing, import & export customs clearance, domestic value added tax transactions etc., to integrate and optimize customers’ logistics channels.
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