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      Market Analysis:
      Influenced by the economic crisis, customers transform from their past long-term forecast procurement strategy to a more flexible form with expectation of shortened delivery cycle, which results in MOQ reduction, rapid growth of urgent small-lot orders and a trend of fragmentation orders, while the authorized agents or manufacturers can not meet these requirements. Therefore, this All-in-One Package Service with varieties in small-lots should appear.

      All-in-One Package Service
      Vadas International Co., Ltd. capture the information of the strong demands resulting from the economic crisis and introduce a new service: All-in-One Service.

      Service procedures are improved for our major clients to provide sole package service to one client and a long-term stocking in-batch supply capacity of nearly 200 items is provided, which can effectively reduce the inventory burden of customers, increase communicative efficiency between customers and suppliers, reduce communicative procedures and also help with Vendor Reduction for major clients. Strict internal management regulations should be provided in the unpredictable electronics market for prevention of various possible problems resulting from several hundred material items’ provision to each client, such as complete and systematical information, strict financial control, professional service staffs, etc.. Different from common single-material PPV service, Vadas International are committed to provide our customers with integrated All-in-One Package Service and become an indispensable strategic supplier in our clients’ procurement and supply chain management.

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