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      Market Analysis:
      In the highly cyclical electronic industry, changes in market conditions will lead to unexpected parts shortages, thereby endangering factories’ original production order and even the timely shipping. Meanwhile, the risk for spot buy procurement is especially high and without discretion, production stagnation can be caused and also hidden dangers for product qualities. Therefore, a good choice of spot buy supplier is rather important.

      Spot Buy Service Provided by Vadas International

      • With the global supply network and years of market experience, Vadas International can provide accurate spot supply information, including manufactures, material codes, manufacturing dates, prices, RoHS standards, packaging information, arrival dates, etc..
      • With rigorous supplier auditing mechanism, purchasing QC inspection as well as QC procedures standards of ISO9001:2008 international certification, Vadas International can help customers with strict quality control of each batch of goods.
      • With the global "7 Days -24 Hours" service, Vadas International can help customers with the shortest possible access to market shortage goods; use services from international express companies, such as FEDEX / UPS / DHL, in order for accurate, timely and qualified transportation.
      • As the preferred partner of the world's leading EMS companies, Vadas International can provide market information for the products of CPU, memory, integrated circuits, passive components, connectors, etc.. With the professional technical supports of the marketing team, we are able to provide services of rapid and in-batch procurement of shortage goods before market shortage appears and price increases.
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